About Us

We are continuously pushing ourselves beyond the limits of our potential to outperform and being the best. We believe in action and work with high energy, fast pace and perfection to deliver.

Surecom Media is one of the successful media companies in India. Our magazines have been reaching to millions of people across India and world. The company’s portfolio also includes services in the fields of Public Relations and Advertising .With Pan India positioning strategy, Surecom Media underscores its passion for people and brands.

Entering the Indian market in 2009 with the successful launch of a magazine catering specifically to the Logistic Industry in India and world, it now consists of two monthly magazines CargoConnect and CareerConnect, two yearly Handbooks on Warehousing and Air cargo and an annual special issue on ACCAI across several distinct consumers across the Logistics Industry and Education Sector.

Surecom Media has a circulation of more than thirty two thousand magazines of CargoConnect across the Logistics Industry of India. Our CareerConnect magazine which covers education sector and has a circulation of sixty four thousand is circulated at a wide range of schools, colleges, universities and newsstands across the country. We deliver deep and best information – more efficiently.

How It Works?

Our Work Process

Follow our latest news and thoughts which focuses exclusively on design, art, vintage, and also our latest work updates.
  • 01.Communication

    A first step to understand your target audience along with market grasping process.

  • 02.Association

    Assistance with marketing campaigns to spread correct brand image across people.

  • 03.Design

    Start to work on the design taking in mind a company’s services and vision.

  • 04.Evaluation

    An overall analysis of the campaigns along with thorough research on its betterment.